Website Functions


Website Functions

 TEDS Website Functions


Provides a list of released TEDS survey projects

   Keyword Query

General users may search the TEDS database using a keyword. Search results will be displayed itemized.

   List of variables of respective projects

General users may browse frequency distribution of respective questions in the Descriptive Statistics of Variables form the database.

   Statistics of Variables Basic Descriptions (Nesstar Online Data Analysis)

1. Link to Nesstar Website via TEDS Projects List.

2. General users are only allowed to access frequency distributions of respective questions in the Descriptive Statistics of Variables

3. For further use of Nesstar Online Analysis Function (e.g., Cross-Tabular Analysis, Correlation Analysis, Regression Analysis), the user needs to register as a TEDS member and fill-in an Online Analysis Application Form.

    Download TEDS survey datasets

Members are entitled to download released survey datasets (such as face-to-face interview, telephone interview, internet survey, focus groups interview, etc.).

   Research & Publication Citing TEDS Data

Provides a list of journal articles, books, book chapters, conference papers, master theses, and PhD dissertations that had ued TEDS datasets since its first release in the August of 2002.

   Please inform us your publications citing TEDS!

   Member Registration

You are welcome to register and become a TEDS member. Please click the Member Registration button at the bottom of Menu and fill-in the application form.

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