1.     How can I search for datasets in TEDS website?

I. If you use the “Keyword Query” function, you can find out whether a specific content has appeared in any dataset of TEDS and in any questionnaire. Please read “Keyword Search Operating Instructions” for how to use keyword Query function.

II. You can also click “Projects” → “Released Data”, and select a survey project. The summary of project will be displayed.

III. You may click “Query on the TEDS Data” →“Variable Lists”, and select a desired project for frequency distribution of respective questions in the Descriptive Statistics of Variables from the database.

2.     How to apply for survey data for further analysis?

I. TEDS datasets are only for website members. Please register to become a member if you have not done so. Please click the Member Registration button at the bottom of Menu and fill-in the application form. The web manager will send you an email to inform you whether your registration has been approved

II. For data release regulations, please click “TEDS Data Request” and refer to “Rules Regulating TEDS Uses”. If you are already a member, fill-in a Data Application Form and send it out. On reception of the application, the web manager will grant download rights to the applicant with a reply email sent to the applicant. The applicant must download the requested data (“TEDS Data Request” → “Download Data”) within 5 days; otherwise, a new application must be submitted.

3.     What is Nesstar Online Analysis and how can I use it?

I. Every user is welcome to access frequency distributions of respective questions in the Descriptive Statistics of Variables

II. For further use of Nesstar Online Analysis Function (e.g., Cross-Tabular Analysis, Correlation Analysis, Regression Analysis), the user needs to register as a TEDS member and fill-in an Online Analysis Application Form.

III. Refer to “Nesstar Online Analysis Operating Instructions” for how to use Nesstar Online Analysis.

4.     When and how to apply for Add-On Questions?

I. Before finalizing the formal questionnaire of each project of face-to-face interview, an open invitation for add-on questions will be announced.

II. Please refer to “Review Procedure” for Add-on Questions. Any faculty or researcher eligible to apply for research projects sponsored by Department of Humanities and Social Science, Ministry of Science and Technology, is also entitled to apply for TEDS add-on questions.

III. Fill in the “Application Form of Add-on Questions” and send it to the web manager before the deadline, if specified in the announcement.

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