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TEDS2022_PA12, TEDS2022_SE12, TEDS2022-T, TEDS2022_SE12M data sets and codebooks released

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Poster:陳惠鈴Post date:2023-03-07
The survey data files released on March 7th, 2023 are as follows:

1.Telephone and Mobile Phone Interview Survey of the Presidential Satisfaction--The Forty-First Wave"(TEDS2022_PA12)
2. 2022 Internet Survey of the Presidential Satisfaction(TEDS2022_SE012)
3. Telephone Interviews of 
the Nine-in-One Local Elections, 2022 (TEDS2022-T) 
4.Internet Survey of the Nine-in-One Local Elections, 2022 (TEDS2022_SE12M)
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