Call for Add-On Questions


Review Procedure

.The procedure for proposing add-on questions for upcoming studies

I.   Bylaw on proposing questions for upcoming studies and review process of TEDS, Social Science Research Center (accepted by TEDS committee’s 1st meeting on November 11, 2000).

II.  Article 1, 3, 7, 8, and 9 amended and promulgated by TEDS committee’s 131th meeting on September 19, 2015.

III.  Article 4 amended and promulgated by TEDS committee’s 171th meeting on September 26, 2020.

1.  In order to plan for the large-scale polls on elections or democratization, TEDS committee draws up this bylaw.

2.  In principle, polls thereon refer to surveys that cover Taiwan and its municipalities.

3.  The committee will draw up the main topic and core questionnaire of the yearly project three months before the implementation of the face-to-face interview, and will announce the topic for question proposals.

4. Applications should be submitted to the Chairperson of committee within one month after the announcement of survey topics. All proposals are limited to ten questions and must include full details of the actual questions (including wording and response categories). A decision will be made by the committee.

5.  Upon approval, the committee shall reduce the number of questions in the proposal.

6.  That the proposal is subject to review by other projects should be noted.

7.  If a proposal is approved, the proposer(s) shall be acknowledged for their contribution in the project’s field report.

8.  The field report should be sent to the Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST), and the expense account should be filed within three months of the end of the field work. The raw data in the electronic form along with related materials should be released by TEDS or other authorized units in compliance with the rules of MOST.

9.  The bylaw comes into force after being approved by the committee. So does the revision of the bylaw.

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