Released Data / TEDS2019_PA12

*Project Title: Taiwan's Election and Democratization Study, 2016-2020 (IV):

                         Telephone and Mobile Phone Interview Survey of the Presidential Satisfaction--The Thirtieth Wave (TEDS2019_PA12)

*Principal Investigator of Telephone Interview:

Prof. Chi Huang 

*Co-principal  Investigator: 

Prof. Cheng-shan Liu                          Asso. Research Fellow Ta-Chien Chan

Research Fellow Chia-hung Tsai         Asso. Prof. Chih-cheng Meng

Prof. Chung-li Wu                               Prof. Da-chi Liao   

Assist. Prof. Hsin-ta Huang                 Prof. Huo-yan Shyu                              

Prof. Kuang-hui Chen                         Prof. Lu-huei Chen                               

Prof. Shiow-duan Huang                     Prof. Shing-yuan Sheng                         

Prof. Wen-jong Juang                          Asso. Prof. Tsung-han Tsai                  

Asso. Reserch Fellow Su-hao Tu        Assist. Prof. Ying-Lung Chou
Asso. Reserch Fellow Chen-hua Yu   
*Executive Institution:

Election Study CenterNational Chengchi University
*Numbers of Samples and Interviewed Period:

                Telephone Interview: 944; Interviewed between 12/11-16, 2019
Mobile Phone Interview: 316, Interviewed between 12/11-16, 2019
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