Released Data / TEDS 2009L_BE&M-T


*Project Title: Taiwan's Election and Democratization Study, 2009 :
                          Legislative By-Election and County Magistrate Elections: Telephone Interview(TEDS 2009L_BE&M-T)


*Principal Investigator:

Pro. Chi HUANG 

*Collaborating Investigator:

Research Fellow. Lu-Huei CHEN

Research FellowChing-hsin YU

Assoc. Research Fellow Su-feng CHENG

Assoc. Research Fellow Chia-hung TSAI

Assist. Research Fellow Eric Chen-hua YU

Post-Doctoral Researcher Yi-ching HSIAO

*Executive Institution:

Election Study CenterNational Chengchi University 

*Numbers of Samples and Interviewed Period:
Legislative By-Election in Yunlin County : 2,416

    First District :       1,205 ; Interviewed between 27th Sep. and 6th Oct. 2009

    Second District : 1,211 ; Interviewed between 27th Sep. and 6th Oct. 2009

Three-in-One Municipal Elections in Yunlin County

    Independent : 1,211 ; Interviewed between 6th Dec. and 10th Dec. 2009

    Panel :             1,329 ; Interviewed between 6th Dec. and 15th Dec. 2009

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