Released Data / TEDS2012


*Project Title: Taiwan's Election and Democratization Study, 2009-2012 (III):

 the Survey of the Presidential and  Legislative Elections, 2012 (TEDS2012)


*Principal Investigator:

Prof. Yun-han Chu 

*Co-principal Investigator:

Assist. Reserch Fellow Chen-hua Yu              Assist. Prof. Chih-Cheng Meng

Prof. Chi Huang                                              Prof. Ching-hsin Yu                                 

Assist. Reserch Fellow Chuan-hsien Chang     Prof. Chung-li Wu                                    

Prof. Fu Hu                                                    Prof. Hung-der Fu                                    

Assist. Prof. Hsin-ta Huang                             Prof. Huo-yan Shyu                             

Prof. I-chou Liu                                              Assist. Prof. Kuang-hui Chen                    

Prof. Lu-huei Chen                                         Prof. Shiow-duan Huang                           

Prof. Shing-yuan Sheng                                   Assist. Prof. Yih-Hsin Liao                       

Asso. Prof. Yu-tzung Chang

*Executive Institution:

Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University

Election Study CenterNational Chengchi University

Institute of Political Science, Academia Sinica

Department of Public Administration, Chung Hua University

Department of Political Science, Tunghai University 

Department of Political Science, National Chung Cheng University

Graduate Institute of Political Economy, National ChengKung University

*Numbers of Samples and Interviewed Period:

 Independent: 1,826; Cover: 5,435; Interviewed between Jan. and Mar. 2012

 Panel:           1,510; Cover: 2,660; Interviewed between Jan. and Mar. 2012

 Retest:             364; Cover:    676; Interviewed in  Mar. 2012

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