Released Data / TEDS2008P

Title: Taiwan’s
Election and Democratization Study, 2005-2008 (IV):

                       The Presidential Election, 2008 (TEDS2008P)

Principal Investigator:
              Prof. Ching-hsin YU 
Co-principal Investigators:
              Prof. Yun-han CHU                        Prof. Chung-li WU
              Prof. Fu HU                                    Prof. Huo-yan SHYU
              Prof. Shing-yuan SHENG                Prof. Shiow-duan HAWANG
              Prof. Chi HUANG                          Prof. I-chou LIU
Assistant Investigators:
              Prof. T.Y.WANG                                     Prof. Emerson M. S. NIOU
              Prof. Tse-min LIN                                    Doctoral Candidate Dongtao QI 
              Assoc. Prof. Shu KENG                        Research Fellow Lu-huei CHEN
              Assist. Prof. Wen-jong JUANG          Assist. Prof. Hsin-ta HUANG
              Assoc. Research Fellow Su-feng CHENG
              Assist. Prof. Cheng-shan LIU 
Executive Institutions:
              Election StudyCenter, NationalChengchiUniversity
              Department of Public Policy and Management, ShihHsinUniversity 
              Department of Political Science, TunghaiUniversity
              Graduate Institute of Political Science, National SunYat-senUniversity
General Introduction of TEDS 2008P
    During the beginning of 2009, the staff of TEDS prepared a comprehensive version of TEDS2008P. There are three data sets in these released files. A freshly drawn cross-section of the electorate was taken to yield 1,905 cases, and it was conducted during June and August in 2008. For panel data, which is a follow-up survey to re-interview respondents of TEDS 2008L, the case number is 755 and this panel study was conducted during June and August in 2008. The third data set is test-retest data to see the reliability of our instruments and it is conducted during August to September in 2008 with 384 cases.
    For the convenience of users, a merged file has been created from the panel study, with the addition of variables TEDS
2008L(Independent sample). However, most variables names are similar to each other for these two surveys, so we add “P” at the beginning of each variables of TEDS2008P to distinguish them. For this data set, additionally, we create a new variable, i.e. “Sample,” and we employ value “1” to indicate TEDS2008L independent samples and “2” to indicate TEDS2008P panel samples. 

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